söndag, november 23

A film about my bowl, thank you Tetsuhiro Koyanagi

Hur man repar en silverskål /Dare to scratch a silver surface from Klara Eriksson on Vimeo.

As I have told you I started a dialogue with the film maker Tetsu Koyanagi, our first idea making a film where the silver bowl turned black from the use of eggs. I got disappointed as well as exited when we realised that the silver was not affected by the raw egg. We had to rethink and this is a film showing the generation bowl.

It will now represent me together with Columbi Egg Bowl at the Design S Award, Arkdes on the 26/11

Thank you all involved!

Tetsuhiro Koyanagi

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Ulrika sa...

Älskar filmen, Klara! Och skålen förstås!