fredag, oktober 17

The Belgrade Connection is now!

Exhibition opens on Wednesday 22nd October at 5pm, Gallery LOD.
With the unique
opportunity to meet the artists and designers from both countries, alongside their work.

Seven Jewellery Artists from Belgrade meet six Metal Designers from Stockholm.

'The Belgrade Connection'.
Gallery LOD takes the opportunity to exhibit exclusive new work from six Serbian jewellery artists that work in a variety of different media in Part One. Featured artists are Ljudmila Stratimirovic, Marija Banjac, Minja Tarle, Bojana Nikodijevic, Milutin Popovic, Ana Jakic and Ivana Rackov.

'Seeds Of Communication'
Part two of the exhibition centres around the outcome of a series of jiffy bags and their contents. Each person involved with the exhibition was given a jiffy bag to fill with a 'seed' of inspiration to travel to a waiting artist in their respective country. Every artist was given free reign to produce something that grew from
that 'little seed'. The results of this non-verbal communication constitutes Part Two.

The "Belgrade Connection' runs until the 1st November 2008.

The Belgrade Connection is an international cultural exchange project between Cultural Front, LOD, Design Studio S and Artistclothing with support of IASPIS and Ädellab.