fredag, maj 9

It´s been all about a green gem today.

The day started with Kristoffer taking photos of Tobias (we are getting quite used of this now and it seems like Tobias is comfortable too). The photos will bee shown on a exhibition of the graduating of the photographer university this spring. Then lovely Rickard Lindholm came to get his seal and we talked about Carola Häggqvist and Lisa Minelli. After this all my work was about Palladium and a green gem. It was beautiful and really really exiting.

Again I have to say thanks to Raimund Shaeffler who put the stone and me in the right position today. The ring now decorated with a green stone went off to Central Park, I did not even have time to take a picture. But I have a feeling I will see it again.

Also Reuben and Lina came by. Lina as beautiful as ever. Everything is clear now. LOD will exhibit at Operating place at PUB this summer. I am really pleased. It is like we have planned it all along! The Bowl No:1 on the picture will be there and a lot of more things ...

(And a special thanks to Petter Mörk who as well as being a great photographer can bike as a god)

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Drömma Lotta sa...

Looking forward to see a pic of the green ring then....
Jag kände nästan som att du var här igår Klarisen.
Att vi satt i min lilla berså och pratade live.
Kärlek från Lotta!