torsdag, maj 29

We have had a very, very, very nice evening.

After some busy days it was time for the opening at Operatingplace. The girls had their best shoes and I was, am so happy because it is a really good exhibition. I am grateful. I think that the best exhibitions is the one that works with the room as a whole. And this one does! Come and see for yourself .
It was another happening as well at PUB, some cosmetic brands press release of new products (so there was a mixed public, and celebritys). It was fun!

My girls showed their best shoes for everyone. My bowl no 1 finally got to be exposed with washing gloves and a scotch brite.

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Drömma Lotta sa...

I wanna seeee the shoes babe :0)
Träskorna har inte kommit till Drömma ännu, men snart så!
*Kramar om* och säger grattis till lyckad utställning..