tisdag, april 8

Say Yes!

‘Say Yes’ is Lod’s spring exhibition focusing on everything that surrounds a ‘Wedding’. Opening on the 12th April, ‘Engagement’ focuses on rings, jewellery and celebratory coffee. Everything in and around an engagement has been realized in metal for part 1. ‘Wedding’ opens on the 26th April with tiaras, bridesmaids’ jewellery, wedding rings and wedding giftsin silver! This is an exhibition with everything to give inspiration for the big day.

An important and very personal side to LOD is the part that each designer gives when they design and create unique engagement and wedding rings for couples. It is both challenging and engaging to work alongside two people in trying to create the perfect rings that mirror the personalities and emotions whilst also symbolising the commitment of marriage. It is this side of LOD that has given the inspiration to the exhibition ‘Say Yes’.


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