onsdag, september 3

The test kitchen, a generic silver bowl

Picture from one of the test kitchens.

I initiated the test kitchen by making a generic silver mixing bowl and whisk. I then gave them to different families to be used in their kitchens for two weeks each. The families got instructions to document the bowl in action and to answer my questioner on how to use a silver bowl in everyday life.

I asked questions such as  - Is there a place for a handmade silver utensile in your everyday life?
- Has the silvers unique properties as a heat conductor made a difference in how or what you have used it?  But the most important aspect was that I got the families to really use my silver. Baking bread, making pancakes and actually handle a silver bowl as something natural in their home environment.

In the end, what was returned to me was a bowl that was filled with life, marked by use. I found myself being part of a process where I as a maker had to let go of control and I re defined my relation to silverware.

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