onsdag, augusti 27

The story about a bracelet.

A friend of mine came by with a bracelet that was in bits and pieces. I got the honour to make it weareable again.

In 1890 something some friends made one bracelet each with their names on it. Then the tradition continued. Today there where eight names and I put my friends name in there to. She gave it to her niece that uses it as a lucky charm. A bracelet for friends.

Today I started the tradition for my family.

I have learned that this was a common tradition among female friends.

3 kommentarer:

Drömma Lotta sa...

Lovely idea!!

I really like this post..


Klara Eriksson sa...

Ja och jag glömde nämna att de använde 10 öringar.

Nic's NEWs sa...

it is beautiful - and a beautiful tradition!!