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Visar inlägg med etikett table accessories. Visa alla inlägg

fredag, maj 2

Sammansatt på Blås och Knåda, vernissage lördagen den 3/5 kl 11-16

Uncutting Knifves, silver and wood.

De här knivarna visas tillsammans med Nilla Eneroths vackra ripkannor på Blås och Knåda. Vi är i gott sällskap med nio andra sammansatta verk från Nutida Svenskt Silver och Blås och Knåda. Rekommenderar att spendera lördagen med att gå på vernissage på Blåset, Konsthantverkarna som har vernissage med Smycka halsen och Galleri ID:I som visar Henrik Brandts Supermoln.

måndag, april 28

Provkök för bunken, test kitchen for the mixing bowl

Bunken har varit ute en omgång till, jag skall strax hämta den men har fått så fina bilder från när den är i användning. Här är ett exempel.

torsdag, januari 12

Ljuslykta. Lantern

En ljuslykta av silver. Den sista i serien jag gjorde innan jul. Den här är min favorit, ett extra plus är att den är mycket rolig att göra.

söndag, mars 20

lördag, februari 26

Remembrance in silver

A new object in the collection water. It´s not many days left now to work. I am just a tiny bit stressed ...

torsdag, september 2

Cocktailpinnar av silver. Cocktail sticks in silver

The other day a gentleman placed an order for these sticks in silver. They are inspired by needles from pine. I made them as a complement to the cheese knifes.

onsdag, juni 9

Ostknivar/dessertknivar i silver, knifes for cheese

I have made four small cheese knifes. You are supposed to have one each when you are eating really good cheese. All are slightly different. There are also some cocktail sticks to. I will show you another day... And there are only two knifes left. But right now I´m only making wedding bands. New pieces are materializing right in front of me. It feels good. A kind of flow.

måndag, mars 15

Silver som reflekterar. Silver that reflects the light

The birth of small teapots in a really expressive way. I am having great fun and I think of that today it is easy ... tomorrow might be different. With silver in a creative process you never know.

Do you?

So I am grateful for today. I am thinking of them as small princesses.

They are kind in a way, sharp in a way and are copying the lace. Just to appeal to.

måndag, mars 8

Servettringar i silver. Napkin rings in silver

This is what I have done today. My first pair of napkin rings. I have used the technique before. But never in this size. I get curious how it would be to make a teapot with this kind of pattern.

I like silver with the possibility to reflect light in many different ways. It is gorgeous.

måndag, september 21

Assiett i silver. Plate in Silver

A silver plate made for happy moments or when you need a little bit of silver in your life, (don´t you always?). To eat your favorite cake or to put your 80% chocolate cake on. Right now these plates are going to Lund.

måndag, mars 23

A new adventure for a silversmith.

Tomorrow is a big day for me. I am in Gothenburg and I will hold a lecture about my work at the Röhsska museum. This cup I made for for the exhibition Urban Ascetic that started at the Röhsska Museum 2001. I have always liked Röhsska.

onsdag, januari 14

Gallery LOD.

It is still quite dark outside so I have put a lot of silver surfaces in the Gallery. Just to give us some more precious light. My perforated Mirror is not in silver but it is also made for small candles to give a warm feeling of home.

I made the big bowl in silver some time ago. The small one's is Pernilla Sylwan's beautiful things inspired by the deep ocean.

fredag, november 21

tisdag, november 18

It is my week at Gallery LOD, come and have a cup of tea.

Every six weeks it is my turn to be responsible for the LOD gallery and shop. This means that I dress our window displays with our beautiful things It everyday and take care of our wonderful customers. Today´s composition was made by inspiration rather than premeditation. I was happily surprised when I discovered how well my tea cups and Petronella Erikssons organic spoons complemented each other. And then I was surprised over the fact that I had not seen this before. The window display today was in gray and silver with small highlights. It was great fun.

After that I worked on the wedding bands in green gold that I have an order for. It is a beautiful 18K gold color!

When I am making rings I have a couple of tools that is indispensable. One is the "svanhals" I do not now the English name for it, I will have to ask Jenni. I am able to make the ring round and smaller and bigger with this tool. The ring roller tool is also a great luxury. It is one of the tools Pernilla Sylwan brought to the workshop when she came. I love it. It makes the same things but even better in some ways. Me and the tools where one today.

The photographer that had bowls from me and Erik Tidäng brought them back again after a successful photoshoot. I am looking forward to seeing the pictures.
She told me that the "Bowl No 1" could contain a lot of pancakes ... : )

It has been a good day!

(And Tobias and me sold some really beautiful things at Nutida yesterday).

ps. Take a look at the nuns. ds.

lördag, november 1

Skål av silver, "Nest Eggs".

A feeling and a thought about what you value in life. What kind of safety does mankind need? It is my contribution to the Communication part of "The Belgrade Connection".

måndag, maj 19

Invitation to have a cake, plate in silver. Bjuda, assiett av silver.

This is one more of the fantastic photos Mats Håkansson took now this spring. I feel like I have got possession of a treasure. Mondays are always planning days. So today we have struggled with the last events this late spring, that hopefully will get warmer and summer for real. It feels good to look at the cake on my silver plate and dream of a sunny day (soon when I will bee on holiday).